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I started my career in 1974 working with special needs children and their families. Over the years I have had much success helping parents with the difficulties and challenges of parenting their child.

As time went by I decided to concentrate on working with other issues couples and families go through.

In 2002 I received my Masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy, and in 2004 I received my Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.  I graduated both degrees with magna cum laude honor. (honor of excellence).

In 2007 I received an award from "who's who" for exceptional professional achievement and my name was recognized in a book of professional excellence and is in the congress library.

Since then I worked in agency setting with variety of issues such as PTSD, depression, relationships and family issues. I facilitated support groups for women with issues of self-esteem and depression. I also started and facilitated support group for infant loss (with a co-worker)

I am also trained and worked with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Being a daughter of a first responder from early childhood to adulthood, I took a special interest in healing trauma and PTSD.  I saw the toll it took on my father and decided to dedicate my work to ease the pain and promote healing to those who serve us daily.  I have been working extensively with first responders.  Being a certified first responder counselor helps me with the unique skills needed to help the heroes among us.

In treating people with post traumatic experience I am trained with EMDR , ( see tab of EMDR for more information) and am certified by EMDRIA (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing International Association).

I am also trained by the Anxiety Disorder Research Facility at the School of Psychiatry, Penn. State University, Philadelphia in Exposure Therapy for different anxiety disorders including OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

My passion is helping people resolve painful experiences and lead more fulfilling, healthy, happy lives. Move on from painful past and live in peace.

I am very caring and compassionate. I do not judge people and understand that life circumstances may be difficult. My style is of teamwork and together I will be there to help you accomplish your goals in a safe and caring environment.

Call me at 209-605-9626

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