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All clients testimonials were published, anonymously, at their request.

Testimonial #1
When I first met Dr. Irit Goldman, I never imagined that I would ever be whole.  I came to her office a broken, shattered woman who saw no hope for a future.  I have always felt a cloud of despair around me that went into the deepest recess of my being that I considered many times of ending my life.  My life was destroyed completely due to the poor choices that has been a pattern most of my adult life.  Somehow amid this devastation, I was fortunate to receive help from Cal VCP (California Victim Compensation Program) who referred me to Dr. Goldman.  She is truly amazing!  With her own unique style of therapy she is someone who showed me genuine care and concern for my well-being and healing.  She boldly and confidently stated that she will help me which is something I rarely heard from many adults or therapists.  That really struck a chord with me because as long as I've been going to therapy for my chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD, no one so boldly assured me that I would recover from life's devastation.  I learned to trust her - which is something I have trouble giving others since most of my life I was betrayed by those closest to me. 

From the onset of starting EMDR with Dr. Goldman, I was able find tremendous relief emotionally and psychologically.  I was able to rid myself of the fear of people, terrible guilt and shame, and poor self confidence that I've been carrying with me throughout my life.  As we continued our sessions of therapy through talk and using EMDR, I noticed that I was beginning to learn to face my all my fears, it wasn't a walk in the park but Dr. Goldman assured me it will get better but I would have to go through the hard stuff in able to find healing.  With her gentle leading and using EMDR techniques I am now able to go outside and not feel afraid.  This is a great feat since I've been use to isolating myself from people and it was that great fear that kept me from realizing I have the power within to change my life and set myself free from the destructive thought process called "distorted thinking". 

With her sincere help and using EMDR, I was able to achieve healing and  feel wholeness that I so desperately needed.  It is with great pleasure to make known and acknowledge that for the first time in my life, a person so genuine could show me that life is worth living and all the doors are open!  She gently and lovingly guided me and the child within building up my self confidence and self esteem, releasing all my fears and that she was right there with me when taking that first step through the door.

My eternal gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Irit Goldman for helping me discover my true self and finding hope when I was hopeless.  You truly make this world a better place!  My work in life now is just the beginning and sky's the limit!  Thank you!  Thank you!


Testimonial #2

I was in a very abusive relationship for at least 4 years and was desperate for help on how I could remove myself from this situation. After a number of tragic events and loss in my life, I needed direction. I found Dr. Goldman via the Internet and decided to take a chance and try therapy. Dr. Goldman was very sympathetic to my situation and knew exactly what I needed to find me again. She has saved my life. She has given me lots of tools and helped me understand how to control my own life. Dr. Goldman does not make you feel like you are "just a number".  She makes you feel as important as a close friend and takes extremely good care of you. I would be lost without Dr. Goldman and have been blessed to be a part of her practice.  She has renewed what was deep inside of me and has helped me find love again. I couldn't ask for a more professional, kind, and amazing person. I would recommend her to anyone that is having trouble coping with life’s struggles and am confidant that she would provide the best care. 


Testimonial #3

I’ve known for years that I should see someone professional after losing my mom a few years ago which completely devastated me; after seeing my son off to Iraq, frontline combat 3 times since 2004; an abusive 10-year previous marriage; a hostile work environment previously; and with overwhelming times over the years dealing with anxiety and now depression. I kept holding off from seeing someone because I had tried therapy in the past and a few times, it was like I was telling the therapist how to treat me, therefore, I was worried I wouldn’t find the right person to really help me and that I would ‘mesh’ with.

I just started seeing Dr. Goldman about 2 months ago. I actually read her profile, as well as several other local therapists’ profiles on the web and I loved her outlook, her belief/techniques and felt we were a perfect fit. She specialized in every one of my personal problems! Though I think I might be going to her forever, I cannot stress how much she has helped me in such a short time. And I know there are many people out there with way more extreme problems than I have, but to me—I have had a lifetime of stressful events and I felt it all just came to a head and I needed professional help to help me deal with it all and move on. To find healthy ways of coping, dealing with anxiety and changing old negative ways of thinking. Irit was so genuinely compassionate, but also so experienced! So professional! She doesn’t just have me ramble on for an hour, she constantly interjects, has me elaborate on things I need to, sees right through what I’m saying—it’s like she can honestly read my mind! She stops me when she needs to so I focus on what I just said and asks me why I feel that way. Then she offers her suggestions and tells me what this way of thinking links back to certain traumatic childhood experiences or negative experiences from an earlier bad marriage, job-related experiences, etc., and why I’m feeling the way I do AND what I can do to change that thinking—that pattern.

In just this short amount of time, Irit has helped me accept my mom’s death in ways I never imagined. I literally was crying several times a week, feeling very depressed, angry and very alone and no one really knew what to say to me. It’s like I never could completely work through the grief cycle, but just kept repeating it. With the help of Irit, I honestly feel incredibly better about my mom than I ever imagined I could. She was my best friend and I’m an only child, so she and I were mother/daughter & best friends. Closer than any of my friends and their moms that I know of.

Again, I have to say that I have seen therapists in the past that sometimes just listened or consoled me, but never really offered any coping devices to me. From my first meeting with Irit, she had me tell her everything from when I was a little girl and she immediately told me, due to certain traumatic experiences I had as a child, how that had changed my way of seeing myself and why I am so hard on myself in every circumstance: not feeling lovable, having to be needed and accepted by others, why I worry so intensely and at first I kind of argued with her reasoning. These things had happened in my life so long ago and I had buried so much, I just wasn’t seeing it but then it would click! And it all made sense. I’m still struggling with the same way of thinking and being overly hard on myself because I’ve been like this for many years, but I believe I’ve already made progress and Irit is so patient with me, when I fall back into my hole.

Irit has also shared many techniques with me and I like that she explains the technique so fully, why it works, where it was discovered, why it’s used for treating anxiety and who it has worked for. We have used meditation (I so love my meditation tape, as Irit actually performed this on me in the office and taped the session so I can use my meditation at home or wherever.) This tape is very special because it’s Irit’s voice so it’s close to my heart and when I’m trying to relax I find it more soothing, as I feel she’s right there with me and that she cares. This is much more meaningful than if I had just gone out and bought a meditation tape from the store. She also has used EMDR “Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing” on me, a newer, very successful treatment for PTSD, anxiety, etc. and I found it very helpful. Irit plans to use this treatment on me several more times. We have used the ‘container method,’ she has suggested books and exercises for me to do at home. She always gives me something to leave with that I can continue to work on, after I leave her office.

After just 2 months of treatment, I cannot stress enough how brilliant, competent, compassionate and thorough Dr. Goldman is. I believe she is the best in her profession! I have recommended her to so many people. And, I plan to see her for probably the rest of my life, so she better never retire! I am so thankful I found her and I’m excited to keep working with her and be the person I want to be. Comfortable, mostly stress-free and able to get myself to relax and change my programmed way of negative thinking about myself.

Testimonial #4

Our marriage had been in trouble for years.  We'd tried therapy before with no improvement.  Almost ready to call it quits, we decided to try counseling one more time.  This time we got lucky and found Dr. Irit Goldman.  It was a good "fit" from the start.  She's involved and actively engaged in the process, not just sitting back while we talked on and on.  She had us doing exercises during our sessions as well as "homework" in between.  She quickly got us working fact that started with our very first visit.  It is the honest truth that our marriage would have ended by now except that we were lucky enough to have found Dr. Goldman.  Not only are we still married, we are stronger and happier as a couple than we've ever been before.  We cannot recommend Dr. Irit Goldman enough.  Give yourself one more chance and give her a try.  You will not regret it. 


Testimonial #5

After years of a bad marriage which resulted in insecurity, a negative self image and vulnerability I knew that I had a long road to recovery. What I mean about recovery is, finding myself, learning about myself, and rediscovering what makes me the person I am.

It is hard to believe, but being in a destructive relationship can completely devastates you.  At the end of my marriage, I was weak, vulnerable, had low self esteem and was the target for even more bad relationships. See when you’re hurting, when you don’t love yourself, how can you allow someone else to truly love you????  This allowed me to get involved in a series of unhealthy and toxic relationships that left me broken and wounded.

It wasn’t until I met Dr. Irit Goldman that I realized that I first have to fix me before letting myself be open to a new relationship.  It took time, energy, lots of tears and frustrations, but I would not change it for anything in my life.  With the help of Dr. Irit Goldman I learned to start looking deep inside and find out things that I never even knew about myself. By working with me and helping me to heal, I was able to know my own value which prevented me from getting into more bad relationships.

While seeing Dr. Irit Goldman, I met my Husband. I was able to work with her and sort through issues which allowed someone to love me for who I am and not who I wanted to be. I can easily say that without her I would not be where I am today and I am forever thankful to the person who referred me to her. She has forever changed my life.


Testimonial #6

May 24, 2014
When I first went to Dr Goldman, I had never heard of EMDR therapy, and now the only "regret" I have is that I didn't do this years ago.

From the very first EMDR session, I had no idea what was going to happen to me afterwards...and it was such a wonderful healing of 45 years of stress, anxiety, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and a constant sense of "angst" that would not go away.

My story is one of sexual abuse at the age of 5, divorce of parents at that same time, and getting no support or help to cope with what happened. Growing up my whole life, afraid, timid, often overcompensating just trying to "fit in" and "belong" in this world. I was always trying to find my "place" and live a normal life instead of fear, avoiding every conflict, and forever being a "prisoner" of the abuse and it's negative effects that were in my life.

I had many "hang ups", and these ruled my entire life, career, my personal relationships, divorce, and any long term relationship I've ever had. It was though a hidden "director" was always hiding in my unresolved pain and conflicts, forever keeping me from living a life that I always knew I could have.
In my first session a co-worker and I were in a big conflict, his "bullying" was triggering all kinds of abusive pain in me, and I could not deal with him "as is", but instead found myself reacting as a victim. The EMDR session focused on this conflict, and what happened when I woke up the next day was unbelievable! All the "angst" , the negative emotional conflicts were completely gone! I remembered everything between my co-worker and I, but all the "emotional restrictions" I had were gone, and thinking of it was as boring as looking at dirt. I was completely able to face and handle it, never again experiencing the victimization which had been occurring every time me and this person had conflicts. And then it spread to other people I've had "bully" me, and be aggressive towards me that normally would have me avoid them at all costs.

Then a boss above me who was quite aggressive and negative in personality with whom I allowed him to intimidate me was completely gone as well. It was so freeing to be a "peer" and not a victim, making my job and life much more free and enjoyable. It has been several months now and every encounter is something I handle without anxiety, avoidance, and get to stand my ground as a normal, healthy grown up.

I had been abusing drugs for well over 10-12 years, and have stopped without any "effort", it was now something that was "in the way" of living life, instead of temptation, etc. and leaving it behind puts a smile on my face. I used to scratch and constantly pic my skin for over a year or two....even having to end up at the doctor's office with dozens of scabs, and I was unable to stop...the anxiety I had inside was overriding my desire, I felt to out of control. That too is completely gone. Finally, the last EMDR session I had was a direct "encounter" with my abuser....during this session and as soon as it was over I felt "unlocked" inside...I shared with Dr. Goldman that "something deep inside" had changed and I could even feel it.

Having anxiety all the time, when I woke up, went to bed, and any negative encounter all came to a complete end within days...nothing happened, I just faced my biggest pain in EMDR and 45 years of all the garbage was thrown "out" of my life and no longer effects me.

I am so happy, I feel a whole new lease on life that I've never known.

I have even started performing on stage, singing and playing music, I'm not even intimidated, I look forward to it and am pursing many goals all living my life as a free man, no longer "directed" by my unresolved emotional pain and past.

I have 4 close friends that have been in my life for about 15 years, every single one of them have seen and commented on the noticeable change in my life after going through this therapy. I know I've been given my life back, and it is even more encouraging to see those who know me best to see it as well.
The future is something I am very excited about, now I get to bring my "whole self" forward, the sky is the limit.

I would recommend EMDR to anyone seeking healing from any emotional trauma, PTSD, or any type of deep emotional pain, anxiety, fear, negative self beliefs, and anything like it. It has changed my life, I am forever grateful for the chance to be free, and live this wonderful life.


Testimonial #7

July 30, 2014
Dear Dr. Goldman, For a very long time now I have been wanting to update you on the status our marriage and to thank you. xxx and I are in the best, most loving phase of our marriage and it only continues to grow. We are now able to cuddle playfully while listening to music (mostly love ballets) lol. We cook together, go camping together and even have a vegetable garden that we have created together. We continue to pursue activities that we both have interests in. But most of all we are now able to equally verbalize the amazing love and adoration for one another and we can equally also receive these confessions of deep love, which was always a struggle for me.

I must describe to you the progress of the work you did in regards to xxxl's PTSD. He has been a changed man since the end of your treatment. He fully socializes and participates in family activities and actually looks forward to those times. There is now no social environment in which he declines or is hesitant of. His anger issues have diminished to point that a girlfriend of mine who's known us now for two years has said she can not even imagine him getting upset about anything. That's not to say of course that he never gets angry but if something upsets him, the degree of anger is in proportion to the event. He smiles, laughs every day and has really become quite fond of making others around him smile and laugh. My (our) 4 children (remember) from my previous marriage tell him they love him and include him in Father's day celebrations.

Recently he received news that a book was to be written concerning the war in El Salvador that he preformed heavy combat in. He has received the book and it give accounts of the many battles that he was a part of and including him specifically by name in these passages. I was at first leery of him reading it being afraid that he might regress with the gory details that are described, so I watched him carefully. I'm pleased to say that he was able to read it with a healthy flow of appropriate emotion.

We are are consciously trying to create the life that we want for yourselves. We have closed our business because we felt that emotionally we would have a better quality of life. We will be moving to XXX to join our children in the near future where he will work with his brother who owns a construction business and I will start the nursing program to become an RN.

From the bottom of my heart a want to thank you for helping us to save our marriage and to save the man I fell in love with. The work you do is truly a blessing and I prey that you can have the same outcome as ours with all of your PTSD survivors and marriages of those survivors. If we can ever be an inspiration to those with our similar circumstances please let us know, we'd be more than happy to. Sincerely and with many Blessings,
M. & P.

Testimonial #8

May 9, 2020

I was employed as peace officer for 23 years.  I retired nearly seven years ago, but the ghosts of traumatic incidents continued to haunt me.  I recall leaving a very disturbing incident thinking will this affect me in retirement?  The answer was, YES it did.  I had sought counseling several times during my career, but none of it proved helpful.  All it amounted to was talk therapy.  It was a waste of time and money.  As a result, I was very reluctant to seek help.  With my husband’s persinstance and my strong desire to rid the anxiety, fear, and chronic nightmares, I reached out for help.  I was so very, very fortunate to find Dr. Goldman.  Through EMDR, Dr. Goldman cured me of my anxiety and unnatural fears.  The nightmares are gone.  For anyone suffering with PTSD, believe me, Dr. Goldman CAN and WILL cure you. 

Thank you again Dr. Goldman!

Call me at 209-605-9626

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