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First we will have an introductory conversation on the phone.  I will gain preliminary understanding of the problem you need help with.  If I will feel that I may not be the right fit, I will provide you with referrals for therapists who specialize in the issue you are seeking a solution for (i.e., Addiction).  We will also discuss fees.  In our first session I will go over the inform consent and office policies with you and will collect data for the intake.


I will become very involved with you and we will work as a team.  I will ask you what your goals are and after a couple of sessions, I will discuss the treatment  plan  with you.  You will be  in a very  safe and  supportive


environment.  I will learn to know who you are and what your personality is and I will adapt the therapeutic process to meet your individual needs.

We will discuss your progress as we go along and make changes if the need arises.  We will also discuss those changes to ensure that we are on the right direction in your path for personal growth.


Call me at 209-605-9626

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